How to wear raglan tee

Currently obsessed with big sleeve. Statement sleeve is trending right now, when you walk in the shopping mall, you look around and you’ll see they sell clothes with statement sleeve literally everywhere.

When I went shopping suddenly something catches my eye, its this crop raglan with big sleeve. I really love this raglan since its comfortable enough for you to wear all day long, but not shabby thanks to big sleeve and crop design. Even the color catch my eyes. Such a pretty combination of white and orangey-brown (is that even a word LOL)

Photo 20-03-2017, 2 38 10 PM

Top : ALAND  |  Shorts : H&M  |  Shoes : Adidas  |  Bag : High Cheeks x Disney

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Photo 20-03-2017, 2 36 51 PM

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My cute Alice in Wonderland bag. It’s very hard for me to lay my hand on this bag. This bag always sold out instantly every time the put up new stock in the website. I even ask my friend in Korea to help me to buy and ship it to me.

Photo 20-03-2017, 11 03 58 AM

Been craving for this noodle, but don’t know why when I eat it that day, the noodle was not as delicious before. quite disappointed 😦

Photo 20-03-2017, 11 03 01 AM

2 days left till weekend and I’m so so excited for this weekend 🙂


Going Monochrome

There’s a time when you have to go out and you don’t feel like dressing up, but you don’t wanna look like some hangover bitch. What to do then? For me it’s  t-shirt and skirt.

Sometimes wearing t-shirt can be tricky since if you wear it the wrong way, you will look like a potato sack and it’s not very nice to look at. HAHAHA. I like this kind of t-shirt with basic color and design, that you can wear it with anything. If you notice, I also wore the same t-shirt with different color before.

2017-03-16 09.28.19-1

T-shirt : H&M  |  Skirt : Korea  |  Shoes : Adidas  |  Bag : MCM

2017-03-16 09.28.41

2017-03-16 11.00.33-1

2017-03-16 09.25.49

2017-03-16 09.46.47

IKEA meatballs ❤

2017-03-16 13.04.06

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Selfie of me and my brother :p

Thank you for visiting and have a good week ahead ❤