Going Monochrome

There’s a time when you have to go out and you don’t feel like dressing up, but you don’t wanna look like some hangover bitch. What to do then? For me it’s  t-shirt and skirt.

Sometimes wearing t-shirt can be tricky since if you wear it the wrong way, you will look like a potato sack and it’s not very nice to look at. HAHAHA. I like this kind of t-shirt with basic color and design, that you can wear it with anything. If you notice, I also wore the same t-shirt with different color before.

2017-03-16 09.28.19-1

T-shirt : H&M  |  Skirt : Korea  |  Shoes : Adidas  |  Bag : MCM

2017-03-16 09.28.41

2017-03-16 11.00.33-1

2017-03-16 09.25.49

2017-03-16 09.46.47

IKEA meatballs ❤

2017-03-16 13.04.06

Processed with MOLDIV

Selfie of me and my brother :p

Thank you for visiting and have a good week ahead ❤



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