Planning my holiday

Hi there 🙂

After a fuss here and there, I decided to move my blog to wordpress. Quite sad bcos I really like my old blog theme,  but it was too complicated to edit & work on so… welcome to my new blog.. hihihi..

Past few days have been so stressful for me, so I’m really looking forward to my Japan trip next week. Actually I’ve been to Japan 5 or 6 years ago but that time I went with a group tour so I don’t really know how to go to certain places, where to stay etc, but idc I just take a courage and decided to go road trip with my mom. hope that we will not stranded anywhere HAHAHA..

While browsing around to plan my trip, I came across to some blogger pretty cherry blossom pictures (here and here) I really can’t wait to go, since this is my very first time to go cherry blossom viewing in Japan. I’ve seen cherry blossom few times already in Seoul, but still…. it’s different..

Anyway, just bought a new camera and been toting it everywhere since its light and the picture quality is quite nice. yay!

2017-03-14 15.00.50-1

Photo 14-03-2017, 3 01 12 PM

2017-03-14 15.41.31

Photo 15-03-2017, 8 24 19 PM (1)

Top : Forever21  |  Pinafore : Aland  |  Bag : MCM  |  Shoes : Adidas


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